The Ian Carr Discography -  arranged in chronological order of release date

This discography attempts to list everything commercially released on which Ian Carr participated; either playing or composing, or both. It does not include recording session index numbers with dates. It is derived from the original discography posted on the original Ian Carr and Nucleus website in May 2005.

The discography is abbreviated to include only main artist, title, record label, catalogue number, release date(s), track listing, personnel details and recording dates (where known). Where Ian Carr or Nucleus played a primary role or where Ian Carr composed a track, this information is denoted by bold type to distinguish from those recordings on which he played as a participating or guest musician under the aegis of another musician or band. This discography is not 100% accurate or complete but it does aim to be as comprehensive as possible. The entries below are arranged in order of first release date (or assumed release date), not recording date, hence some earlier recordings appear (or are repeated) at the end of the discography.

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